Llenes' cave

The entrance of the cave opens at the top of the cliff, located about 100 meters high in relation to the river. The access to the site begins at the so-called "Congost bridge", it is about a twenty minute cross country walk to where the entrance is located. You need to use ropes for a short abseil of approximately 6 meters to actually enter the cave.

The entrance to the cavity is approximately 2.5 meters high and about three meters wide, and is oriented 17 degrees south-southeast. The total length of the cave is about 185 meters; there is a side gallery which opens to the left and south. This gallery is located about 50 meters from the entrance.

The topography of the Llenes’ cave has been one of the main objectives of our precautionary archaeological excavation project, and is one of the main reasons for the project. Recorded topography has been an indispensable tool, assisting in achieving other objectives.

Due to the difficult access to the cavity, it has been impossible to move technical topography equipment in and create a total station. However, by practicing classical techniques, has been possible to develop a high-resolution topography.

A topography of Llenes’ cave was published in Catalonia’ Catalogue of Caving in 2008 (Catalogue d'Espeleologia de Catalunya - Jordi del Valle). However, this topography was performed for caving purposes. In our case, a new topography was necessary to reflect any element of the cavity that could be relevant to our archaeo-paleontological study.